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CAD/CAE Systems

The S-6 Mérnök Kft. is the official agency of the AUCOTEC company from 2011. The AUCOTEC AG have more than 20 years of experience in making CAD systems and in their distribution. The company is one of leaders of the software market in the field of power and control engineering.

The company’s most known softwares are:

  • RUPLAN CAD software in electrotechnics, this is a kind of standard at the Daimler company and at several electricity supplier in Germany;
  • ELCAD and AUCOPLAN, these are popular in the field of power plants, machine tools, chemical facilities;
  • and the KABI system for harness design.
  • Engineering Base

The possibilities and functions of the previous systems are integrated in the newly developed Engineering Base electrotechnical CAD, which is based on Microsoft SQL Server and uses Microsoft Visio for graphic design. This program is among the distributed softwares in different versions for different fields of engineering professions.

The S-6 Mérnök Kft. contracts for designing with these systems. In addition, we have other services in connection with these softwares (installation, teaching, professional assistance, etc. )  for interested companies or people.

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