The S-6 Engineering Ltd. (S-6 Mérnök Kft.) has been founded by six elektrical engineers, who already had 15-20 years of experience in their profession.

While forming the company our aim was the ability of the complex management of the problems arising in electrical engineering. Nowadays we can conctract for every field of our profession from the design of medium voltage instruments and control systems to PLC and DCS programming. Currently almost 30 highly qualified engineers work for our company.

Our main activities are the design of the electrical and control system and creating user’s softwares for the control systems designed for the plant. These activities are in connection mainly with these kind of plants:

  • power plants (coal and hyrocarbon),
  • boiler-plants,
  • heating plants,
  • sugar factories,
  • bioethanol plants,
  • gas motors,
  • automotive industry,
  • plants in connection with bioenergy.

Our activities

Power Engineering

Our engineers have several decades of experience in power engineering, and they proved their knowledge in almost every field of the industry.

Control system engineering

Majority of our control system engineers had experience in power plants before coming to the S-6 and they have significant operating experience in that field of the industry. Nevertheless we don’t have difficulties in designing other kinds of systems.

PLC/DCS programming

An important profile of our company is creating the user’s softwares of control systems. We have thorough knowledge about these kind of systems: Freelance (ABB), S5 and S7 (Siemens), Centum CS-3000 (Yokogawa), DeltaV and Ovation (Emerson), HC900 Hybrid Controller (Honeywell), PSS-3000 (Pilz), YES (York) and Saia.

Software distribution

Our company is the official distributor of the AUCOTEC’s softwares.

(There is more information in the CAD/CAE menu.)

Our services in engineering

Our activities cover each phase of engineering in connection with a specific project.​

Our company has already made feasibility studies, tenders, and participated in the evaluation of these as well.​ The creation and management of the conceptual plans and as-built plans are few examples of our main activities. In creating the complete control system of a specific plant our job starts from creating the system plan and writing the action plan and ends in creating the user’s software and the starting-up.

Formerly we used AutoCAD and CADDY in our designing jobs, at present we use AutoCAD, EPLAN and Engineering Base on workplaces. 

The documentation can be created in Hungarian, English and German according to the customer’s wishes.