Control Engineering

We can do all the designing work in connection with a control system investment. Our company has already made ​feasibility studies, concept designs, tenders, and participated in the evaluation of these as well.

Our major activities are the designing of conceptual plans, implementation plans and overseeing  these projects.

We have already participated in projects connected to these technical fields:

  • fossil- and  hydrocarbon-fueled power plants,
  • boiler plants,
  • thermal substations,
  • wastewater treatment,
  • sugar factories,​
  • bioethanol factories,
  • gas engines,
  • automotive industry​
  • bioenergetics,
  • etc.

We have participated in other industrial projects connected with power and control engineering, and in programming of the user’s software of the control systems with the commissioning.

Thanks to our international relations we could participate in a project which consisted the design of control system’s hardware of a dense slurry system in Jacksonville, USA. The plans fitted the standards of the USA.

Contact person: Sándor Németh