Quality policy

The main goal of the leaders of the S-6 Mérnök Ltd is that the company do it’s activities for the best possible parity of the custumers’ demands.

For the efficient operation and the continuous satisfaction of our customers the company has set the quality aims:

  • Our services must ensure the satisfaction of our clients and meet the expectations of our partners.
  • We ensure the quality of our services by providing the necessary resources, the flexible management of the cilents’ needs, the executive control of the work, the feedback  of the custemers’ expericence to the workflow and the compliance of the quality management systems’ requirements.
  • We guarantee by our qualification system, that only well-prepared and technically excellent subcontractors participate in our work.
  • We provide our employees’ professional development by professional  training and attending professional events.
  • By the utilities of our management system (internal audits, management reviews, corrective and preventive actions, etc.) we methodically and continuously improve the standard of our services.

For the achievement of our quality objectives we implement a quality  management system which fits MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

These things obligate every employee of the S-6 Mérnök Ltd. for the accomplishment of the obligations assigned in the quality management system.

The management of the S-6 Mérnök Lft. provide all the conditions for reaching the goals laid in the quality policy.

Budapest, 2009.10.28.

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